A Great Coach brings out the Talent a Client already has.

Lack of confidence and fear didn't keep Sonja  from delivering her Art Work to Fredrik (and hand knitted socks from Germany)

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An Awesome Client (and spouse)

Sonja is a very talented artist but is not interested in being a business person. Her heart is in her art. 

By being open to my coaching, she was able to meet Fredrik Eklund and deliver 4 of her Spiritually Created Meditational Artworks to him.

How Dangerous is New York City?

In March 2017 Sonja was invited to bring her artwork to Manhattan. To her, NYC was probably the last place on earth she wanted to be - to dangerous - big city - lots of crime, etc. Three weeks later,  as planned, NYC met Sonja.

Originally from a small town in Bavaria, Sonja overcame her fears  of coming to NYC where she met some Big Business superstars. 

Her week was spent visiting with Fredrik, Hugh Hilton, Jason Flom - CEO of Lava Records along with many walks to visit Macy's and the numerous fabulous restaurants. Manhattan is now at the top of her list for another visit.Sonja's story has been featured in over 400 media including NBC, CBS etc.  

Your 'Big Break' to Success

You have a good business, a dream and a hope of achieving your ultimate success. Call me.We'll walk side by side and together we'll go through the steps so you can live your dream life as we create the path. The world has room for your bigger success. Let's get started - Click >>> -  Your Friend In Business, John

Where’s YOUR Lucky Break?

 Your business is good – It pays the bills and more but – well – It could be even better – and – You work hard and – yes – You’re doing everything you can - and it’s so frustrating – Why can’t you get that ‘Lucky Break’ that takes you to the next level and beyond?  

Most Entrepreneurs and business owners struggle to find that success that they know is just around the next corner.

Why is ‘the Next Really Good Idea’ so hard to find? 

There is a good answer to the real question of 'How can an old mindset find New Ideas?' 

 Imagine that your brain is a computer.  When you were born, your parents and other computer brains programmed you to see the world a certain way.  

Now, years later, here you are with a system. Every action you take, every word you speak, every thought you think – is based on the programming in your ‘computer brain’. 

Depending on your ‘software’ you see the world as a place that brings one good idea after another and multiple business successes or you may see your  world as one idea and one shot at success- a limited path.

 Every time that our computer brain sees something new it processes it with the information in our existing files. It is impossible for our computer brain to reprogram itself. Period. It takes an outside influencer to stir up new ideas.'Masterminds' and 'brainstorming' with like minded people cannot lead to those new ideas. They too are limited by their programming.

What hope do we have? 

If a computer brain other than our own brain programmed our brain – and we don’t like the contents – then we could ‘clean our drive’ and have it reprogrammed with the software that ‘Rich people’ have, but how? 

'Wiping' the drive seems pretty drastic – and may not be possible just yet and we do want to keep some of our own personality – after all we are not all bad –we just don't think like rich people think. We could get programmed by people who have 'rich' programmed brains.  

There are people that have been programmed with success and they like to share their secrets. 

We could get reprogrammed by them. We could just delete some ‘useless’ files such as the ‘I don't know what to do’ files and let them be replaced with ‘Curiosity Files’ such as ‘ what else is possible files. 

Where do I find that Opportunity?

Ask John Verway - He's done it - over and over - he knows how.

Email him John@johnverway.com


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Fear and lack of confidence could have stopped Sonja from succeeding.

Will you follow in her footsteps to become the Person You want to be?

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